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Project Feature: Virginia Beach Sports Center


Century launched efforts with MEB in November 2018 to construct the Virginia Beach Sports Center – a recreational facility consisting of three interconnected steel structures that will house space for up to 12 basketball courts or 24 volleyball courts, an indoor track and field area, seating capacity for 5,000 and additional program space.

Our scope included substantial foundations for the 250 ft. clear span structures, nearly one-half mile of insulated perimeter foundation walls ranging in height from 4 ft. to 6 ft., and extensive slabs totaling 116,000 ft2 of slab-on-grade for the recreational courts, 96,000 ft2 superflat slab-on-grade to support the full-size NCAA track, 27,000 ft2 of slab-on-grade in program and support areas, and 20,000 ft2 of slab-on-deck connecting the two main buildings. The indoor track design included an aggressive slab tolerance of FF60 and two large pits for the hydraulically actuated banked turn system, which required more than 1,200 linear feet of multi-radius walls measuring 4ft., 9 in. in height. The radius walls specified a tight tolerance of 1/8 in. or less in location, plumb, and surface finish.