About Century Concrete

Established in 1966 with three employees, one excavator and a project to construct a recreational facility, Century Concrete has been a top-performing concrete contractor for more than 50 years, employing a disciplined approach to project planning and execution through experienced professionals who understand the challenges of today’s construction industry. We have experienced steady growth, throughout all economic cycles, through a reputation for quality workmanship, safe jobs and competitive pricing.

Century specializes in structural concrete for high rise buildings and infrastructure, concrete paving for airfields and industrial applications, sound barrier walls, all concrete for steel frame buildings and various concrete foundation systems. With an excellent safety record, a large bonding capacity and a portfolio that includes some of the region’s most notable projects, we are positioned to face the unique demands of the most challenging structures. We seek to establish long-term relationships with our customers and consistently adapt to the ever-changing needs of the construction industry.

We are committed to:

  • Recruiting the best and brightest talent through competitive salaries, benefits and a stimulating work environment.
  • Maintaining an excellent safety record through continuous training and reinforcement.
  • Sharing knowledge of lessons learned internally to develop a standardized approach to repetitive challenges.
  • Encouraging employees to become self-motivated experts in the industry in order to provide customers with a quality finished product.
  • Managing our resources and allocating them appropriately to drive schedules on all of our projects simultaneously.
  • Honoring our commitments to customer service and building relationships with our clients.